Artist Statement

Since childhood I have been good at drawing and since then have tried oil and watercolor painting, sculpture, ceramics, metal casting, lithography, intaglio, and more. Recently I discovered more possibilities with woodcut. I work with figure, human form and landscape subject matters and am inspired by everyday life experiences where I can frame things that others don't notice. Ideas may come from visions, dreams, internal thoughts, imagination or external events. Simple subject matter often evokes a sense of spirituality and a sense of movement and lighting effects are often worked into the images through mark making. Usually I prefer impressionistic like colors and loose mark making and work from my own photographs. I also work with clay sculpture and pot making and fire in my electric kilns.

What is printmaking?

In general printmaking is done with a press and a plate that carries an image. The image on the metal or stone plate is inked up and sent through the press with paper. The press applies even pressure to the inked plate and paper so that the ink transfers from the plate to the paper. This process is where the drawing is done at a different time from the color application.

What is an original print?

All my prints are original prints. That means that even if there are 20 of the same one all 20 are originals. Original lithographic prints are different from offset lithographic reproduction prints, in that original prints have the painting or drawing done directly on the stone or metal plate. In offset lithographic processes there is an original painting or drawing that is photographed. The photograph is made into a four color separation and a half tone. This is the same process used in making posters or in printing photographs in magazines. The offset lithographic process is not an integral part of the creation of the art.

Differences between original and reproduction prints

The best way to tell the difference between an original lithographic print and an offset lithographic print is to note two things. In original prints the signature is outside of the printed image and if seen under a magnifying glass the image lacks the half tone dots one could see on any photograph found in a magazine. Offset prints frequently contain the artist signature inside the print image and if seen under a magnifying glass the image will contain similar colored dots that can be seen on the photograph in any magazine.


Excellence Award at the 34th Annual Marshfield, WI Art Fair

Second Place Award at the 1995 Oshkosh Public Museum Art Fair

First Place at the Monument Square Art & Craft Faire in Two Rivers, WI

Second Place and a Purchase award at the 38th Annual Winnebagoland Art Fair in Oshkosh, WI

Milwaukee Journal Art Calendar Contest 1997, One piece published under the month of January for 1978 and another piece received Honorable Mention